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 We at World Class Technologies, believe Purging Compounds shouldn't be so complicated or expensive, considering you purchase the product with the intent to save your company money. You want to cut down on overhead expenses, save on downtime & scrap. You want to spend as little as possible on your Purging Compound and we are here to meet those needs. We have simplified the process and made it more cost effective with a "One Grade Purging Compound" to serve ALL of your Purging Compound needs on ALL types of processes ranging from 360° to 610°F. Our competitors recommend multiple grades for different processes. We eliminate the need to stock multiple grades. We are lb. for lb. the most cost effective Purging Compound on the market today, PERIOD! Our Customer base is growing everyday and we welcome you to give us a try too.

EXPERIENCE - Over 40 years of process trouble shooting experience.

EQUIPMENT - MAGNA PURGE® products can be used on Extruders, Blow Molding, Injection, and Hot Runner Manifolds eliminating the need to carry different grades for each type of process.

RESINS - Your technical staff won’t have to go look up or consult with an expert on what grades to use when discussing resins. We simplify that, by offering a one grade product with a temperature range of 360°F – 610°F effective on all types of processes. Ready to use, MAGNA PURGE® comes pre-mixed using 100% PP modified carriers with a broader range of chemical additives for both low and high temperatures. No mixing required.

READY TO USE - MAGNA PURGE® comes pre-mixed and ready to use.

ECONOMICAL - Pound for pound the most cost effective Purging Compound on the market today, PERIOD!

FDA - All components in both MAGNA PURGE® and MAGNA CLEAR® are FDA approved for food contact and pharmaceutical use.

VERSATILE - MAGNA PURGE® has a broader heat range than Styrenic or Polyethylene based carriers.

SERVICE AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT - Utilize our experienced staff with suggestions or a prior case history.

MAGNA CLEAR® - The only true water clear purging compound for clear applications such as Polycarbonate & Tritan.