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We mold interior parts for the automotive industry and have evaluated several commercial purging compounds over the years with mixed results. Anyone can send you a sample but the staff from Magna Purge® followed up and worked with us to determine the best procedure for our situation that saved our company countless dollars and time. The bottom line was so successful at our plant that 3 other plant locations in our division now have utilized these procedures. Plant Mgr. Automotive Molder – KY. 

Having to admit receiving a sample of Magna Purge a few months earlier and not trying it is one thing , but having to witness a serious problem on the floor was beyond my imagination. We are a closure manufacture running several colors, and for about two we were running a white cap that was experiencing sporadic black specs. As most molders do, we suspected it was the material. After my quality inspector put that days production on hold to be sorted I remembered the Magna Purge sample I received months earlier. Once I located the sample and began purging I couldn’t believe the blue colored purge coming out of the nozzle. Made a believer out of us! Molding Mgr. Closure Mfg. – SC

Just a quick note of thanks for supplying us just one grade (PP-105) of purging compound that we now stock on the floor that cleans our injection molding machines, hot runner molds, and our blow molding machines. Molding Mgr. Medical Molder – Canada 

We are a prototype shop that builds over 200 molds a year . Our average custom color purchase is 110 lbs. and very expensive. We have no room for error and Magna Purge has been our choice for years. Molding Mgr. Prototype Shop – FL. 

Our company produces muliti colored PVC pipe and change over from black to lighter colors is always difficult. Magna Purge cut our change over time in half and saved us more money than our previous method. Plant Mgr. PVC Pipe Extruder – Mexico 

We are a large part custom injection molder that molds several types of engineering materials. When you’re molding large parts with expensive resin you can’t afford to be producing defective parts due to streaking, black specs or contamination. We have evaluated several commercial purging compounds , and Magna Purge by far is the most economical and effective purge compound we have tried to date. Plant Mgr. Custom Molder - NC 

We finally had a chance to sample the Purge compound you sent us. The guys think it is a keeper. The part that was very nice was that you didn’t need to chase the purge out. Usually, after purging, it takes a lot of time and material to chase out the purge compound to get out the cloudy appearance from your clear part. This stuff didn’t require that. After we purged,  to our surprise it only took a few shots to get your stuff out of the barrel. Plant Manager – Florida